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Consider your Glacier National Park vacation a technology detox. Take an opportunity to unplug and enjoy your natural surroundings.

Will I have cell phone service?
Due to the remote locations of our properties in Glacier National Park, there is no cell phone service. We encourage all guests to plan accordingly.

Public pay phones are available at all Lodges and Hotels.

The following rooms have telephones:

  • Many Glacier Hotel – all rooms
  • Lake McDonald Lodge – lodge rooms, cabins, and suites

Long distance charges from in-room telephones may vary.

The following rooms do NOT have telephones:

  • Village Inn – all rooms
  • Lake McDonald Lodge – Snyder Hall dorm rooms
  • Rising Sun Motor Inn & Cabins – all rooms
  • Swiftcurrent Motor Inn & Cabins – all rooms.

Is there wi-fi?
Very limited wireless internet is available for overnight guests in the front desk & lobby areas at all of our in-park lodges. Our satellite internet connection is shared among all guests and its limited bandwidth cannot support social networking sites, uploading or downloading of documents or photos, streaming videos, VoIP applications or consumer/retail/news websites with heavy photo and video content. We encourage all guests to plan accordingly.