Frequently Asked Questions About Working In Glacier National Park

Will Xanterra pay for my transportation?

The company does not pay for costs of transportation. You must arrange and pay for your own transportation to Glacier and when leaving at the end of your employment with us.

Does the company provide transportation to Glacier National Park?

Employees are responsible for their own transportation to Montana.  Glacier National Park Lodges provides an employee shuttle from Whitefish, MT to Columbia Falls, MT for check-in and to the worksite. Reservations required.

When should I book my travel home after my season ends?

You must be available for work on the final day of your work agreement. It is always recommended that any travel home at the end of your season be booked for the day after the last day of your work agreement.

How often will I get paid?

Every two weeks. You will receive your first paycheck approximately three weeks after you start working. (It may be a little sooner if you begin work in the middle of a pay period.) It is important that you bring enough money to get you through these first few weeks without a paycheck. Your room and board costs are deducted from your paycheck and will not be a monetary concern for you.

Where is the nearest bank?

Full-service banks are located in Columbia Falls, Kalispell, Whitefish and Cut Bank, MT. Direct deposit is recommended and can be setup at time of check in. There are ATMs available at each location.

How do I get mail?

Mail can be received on location. Shipping addresses are available after hire. Mail will not be forwarded after termination of employment.

Do I need a car?

It is convenient for getting to other areas, but many employees get by without one. Employees take advantage of the NPS Hiker Shuttle (free), company shuttles, proximity to trails, and fellow employees with vehicles.

Who chooses my roommate?

Room assignments are made by management on property. We are unable to guarantee any shared living requests. This includes spouses, friends, significant others. Requests may be made through Human Resources at time of hire.

Do I have a phone in my room?

No, but there are pay phones located in public areas. It is not possible to have a phone line installed. You may want to bring a prepaid phone card for convenience when making long distance calls from the payphone.

What about cell phone service?

Cell phone service is not available in the park. Verizon and AT&T (limited) have best reception outside park boundaries.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, cycling on roadways is permitted, but limited based on traffic volumes. Bikes are not permitted on trails in Glacier National Park.

Will I work 40 hours a week?

Work schedules, including number of hours worked and days off, will vary based on staffing needs and business levels.

What is the weather like in Glacier?

Be prepared for everything! You may experience snow and rain while you are here. Pack clothing that can be worn in layers. Bring a good jacket and a sweatshirt or fleece.

Where will I live?

For most, home is a dormitory room with one or more roommates. Bathroom facilities are located down the hall. Each room is furnished with a twin bed (or bunk beds), small dresser, desk and chair, and a small closet. Storage is limited! Each employee is responsible for the cleanliness of his or her room. There is no single housing available, even at extra charge. There are no cooking facilities in employee housing. All employees eat in the employee dining room.

Can I bring my family?

Each person living in employee housing must work for Xanterra. Employees must be 18 years of age to live in company housing.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, pets are not allowed in employee dormitories. You may bring your pet if you have your own RV. Pets are not allowed on trails, boardwalks or in any backcountry area and must always be on a leash.

Are there appearance guidelines?

Glacier National Park Lodges promotes a professional and conservative standard of appearance for all employees.  Standards include, but are not limited to, a clean and neat appearance; use of full/proper uniform; conservatively cut and styled hair (no unnatural colors or extreme styles); fully cultivated and well-maintained (1/2” or less) facial hair acceptable; conservative ear piercings (gauges larger than #2 not acceptable) and lack of facial piercing (during work); visible tattoos must be limited and conservative in nature.  For clarification or further details, please consult our Human Resources team.

Will the company provide uniforms?

Glacier National Park Lodges requires job-specific uniforms. Employees are required to provide particular uniform components.  Certified slip-resistant footwear required for all positions.  Specific requirements provided at time of hire.

Can I bring my laptop?

You may bring your personal laptop computer to the park. Please remember that the company is not responsible for any valuable items that are lost or stolen.

What can I do for fun?

Glacier offers many great options for adventure! You might choose a day hike, camping, or traveling the park to find great photo and wildlife viewing opportunities. Local gateway towns have dining, shopping and other attractions.

Are there religious services available

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks offers Christian-based, non-denominational services throughout the park during the summer. Information about other worship opportunities available at your summer location.

Is there television reception in Glacier?

Satellite television is available in employee recreation areas. It is not possible to install cable or satellite in private dorm rooms.

What about radio reception?

Radio reception in Glacier is not consistent and is weak in most areas. Many employees bring their own music for quiet enjoyment during their off time.

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