Work in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Lodges is committed to providing best-in-class service to the 2 million annual park visitors.  Working in concert with the National Park Service and our local community, we strive to provide unparalleled guest service by creating a sense of community based in honest, teamwork and respect.

For more information on the values that drive our success, please check out the values behind our mission.

In addition to our guest service commitment, Glacier National Park Lodges is dedicated to the integrity of the historic environment and delicate ecosystem in which we operate.  We believe that protecting the environment, both physical and natural, is integral part of our mission.

We are an equal opportunity employer pursuing partners in our mission to provide LEGENDARY HOSPITALITY with a softer footprint.

Our Season

Most positions in Glacier National Park begin between mid-May and mid-June and run through mid to late September.  Dates of employment vary by location and may extend beyond our core summer season.

Employees able to work the entire season preferred.

We strive for work/life balance in Glacier National Park. Our ideal work week is 5 days; working 35 – 45 hours.  We work varied shifts: morning, afternoon, evening. Based on job type, guest traffic, and/or time of season, employees may work greater or fewer hours.  Flexibility is key.

Appearance Standards

Employees are expected to take pride in their appearance.  Glacier National Park Lodges promotes a professional and conservative standard of appearance for all employees.  Standards include, but are not limited to, a clean and neat appearance; use of full/proper uniform; conservatively cut and styled hair (no unnatural colors or extreme styles); fully cultivated and well-maintained (1/2” or less) facial hair acceptable; conservative ear piercings (gauges larger than #2 not acceptable) and lack of facial piercing (during work); visible tattoos must be limited and conservative in nature.  For clarification or further details, please consult our Human Resources team.

Glacier National Park Lodges requires job-specific uniforms. Employees are required to provide particular uniform components.  Certified slip-resistant footwear required for all positions.  Specific requirements provided at time of hire.


Glacier National Park Lodges offers competitive wages in all job categories.

All management positions qualify for free Room & Board.

Employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  Due to the remote nature of our properties, direct deposit of pay is recommended.  Glacier National Park Lodges does not cash checks.

Drugs & Alcohol

Glacier National Park Lodges seeks to provide a safe and healthy environment for guests and employees at all times. Possession and/or use of illegal drugs/drug paraphernalia on company property is strictly prohibited, and is cause for immediate termination.

The legal drinking age in Montana is 21.  Employees are expected to adhere to all policies regarding alcohol consumption.  Underage drinking will not be tolerated.

All Glacier National Park Lodges facilities and vehicles are smoke-free. Designated smoking areas are provided

Background Check

Glacier National Park Lodges is committed to the safety of our guests and employees.  All offers of employment are contingent on passing a criminal background check.  Where required by law, some positions may require more detailed criminal, driving, and/or drug screening.

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